At BIGBizVideo, we know what it takes to build and create an online business. It’s all about marketing! In fact we adhere to the notion that BUSINESS IS MARKETING.

Using digital media, especially business videos, to communicate your message and sell to customers has been proven to be very effective. Video marketing is not only trending but setting the pace for how companies promote their brands and engage their customers.


We’ve been in the Internet space for well over 12 years – in that time we’ve developed hundreds of websites and implemented countless marketing plans. We’ve helped over one hundred companies in various industries with their marketing efforts. Our principal media studio is based out of Montreal, Canada with team members (writers, digital artists, freelancers) all across North America and the World. We have customers worldwide with the majority of our portfolio consisting of North American clients. Helping individuals and businesses grow is what really fuels our passion for success.


Our mission is to be a one-stop shop for all your marketing content needs. Whether you need a spokesperson video for your website and YouTube channel or a product review for your online shop – our team can take care of everything. The BIGBizVideo advantage is the pricing we offer for the quality of work we provide. No more spending heaps of cash to get a professional video produced. Everything we offer is ultra affordable – so any size business can benefit from our services.